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About Me

''Wim Maertens is a Singing Drummer , Songwriter , Founder and Collaborator in many bands in Tenerife Canary Islands Spain.

His numerous Years of experience, natural showmanship and combination of strong high vocals and solid musical drumming makes him an exellent backbone of any band.''


From an early age I have been influenced by a musical family.


My father plays hammond organ and my brothers play electric guitar and bass.

My first musical experience is at the age of 5 playing the school piano as I would copy my father and get musical education in notation and piano at home.

I always had an interest in music but I didn't really settle for one instrument or the other until I was 15 years old.

I got more and more attracted to drums,and with a stroke of luck I ended up having access to a drumkit in the house.

At the age of 18 I started my first professional paid performance and it soon became my comfort zone and full time occupation.


I have challenged myself and set new endeavors for my musical knowledge over time raising the level of playing and skill required.


I have played in many musical groups from cover bands to original bands having to cover many styles of music from Jazz, Bossanova,Pop,Blues,Funk,Disco,Rock, Hard rock to Progressive Metal.

wim maertens session drummer

I have had the honor and pleasure to have played shows and shared stages with some great tutors and also great players from all over the world ranging from Wim Roelants blackstar endorser, Stuart Bull Lick Library educator and founder, Brinsley Forde ASWAD founder and bassplayer ,Marcos Rodriguez (RAGE) ENGL endorser and Rene Shades Pretty Maids bassplayer and TC electronics endorser just to name a few.

I have also been the Session drummer for EVO a 80´s style Metal band playing mayor festivals and sharing stages like Legends of Rock with the greatest names in Spanish Rock History.

I´ve always enjoyed a new challenge and something new to learn.

By Learning to Play guitar and electric bass and also singing backing vocals and lead vocals i have been able to add more musical knowledge to my all round playing.

Singing is something that has brought me many new projects and give´s me that added value not only playing drums but at the same time being able to lead the band and sing the songs is a huge advantage.

Learning the basics of other melodic instruments gives me the ability to understand more what is needed from the drummer in the working environment and also to write my own compositions and make my own productions completly as a solo artist.

I have now performed over 12000 shows and have hardened myself in the working music business.

I offer drum lessons privatly or in a workshop environment trying to pass on my experiences obtained over the years.


I have always for filled my obligations as a working musician and I think a Responsable musician should always take great pride in doing so.


I care about my work and my equipment as it is an artform and I try to play every show as if it would be my last.

Enjoy the music 




wim maertens session drummer


Performed my first pro-gig with The Lizard Kings (Covers) -Tenerife - Spain - 2001

Record deal with Tres De Copas With a Minor label (Originals) - Madrid - Spain - 2001

Toured as a support act for Alex Ubago with Tres De Copas (Originals) - Spain - 2002

Joined Gazoline and became a full time musician (Covers) - Spain - 2003

Performed a summer season in Mallorca with Gazoline (Covers) - Spain - 2005

Joined The Lizard Kings (Covers) - Tenerife - Spain - 2005

Joined the Usual Suspects - Lanzarote (Covers) - Spain - 2007

Joined The Vagabonds  (Covers) - Tenerife - Spain - 2009

Formed 4 on Ground (Covers) - Tenerife - Spain - 2009

Formed Funk Off - Jamiroquai Tribute band (Covers) - Tenerife - Spain - 2009

Formed The Flaming Dynamos cover band (Covers) - Tenerife - Spain - 2010

Formed The Nemesis (Covers) - Tenerife - Spain - 2011

Performed weddings functions and pubs with The Bears (Covers) - London UK - 2011

Session EVO metal band Tour 2011 Legends of Rock  (Originals) - Spain - 2011

Joined Soundchaser Metalband (Originals,Covers) - Tenerife - Spain - 2011

Formed The Acoustic knights - Guitarist (Covers) - Tenerife - Spain - 2012

Formed Triple Trouble Experience (Covers) - Tenerife - Spain - 2012

Joined Blackhole (Covers) - Tenerife - Spain - 2014

Joined Kairos (Covers) - Tenerife - Spain - 2015

Joined The Radiostars (Covers) -Tenerife - Spain - 2015

Session Drummer For Hire - 2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019


Over the years I have performed with a multitude of artists.

Collecting all the information and knowledge I could to be the best possible musician I could be today.


I want to specially thank the following people for there knowledge and education.

Rene Shades (Pretty Maids-Gazoline ),Emil Bendixen (Gazoline),Ivan Bargas (my drum Teacher),Brinsley Forde (ASWAD),Wim Roelants (Blackstar Endorser Clinician),Dave Bull (The Bears),Stuart Bull (Session great) Lick library founder and clinician,Marcos Rodriguez (Rage-Soundchaser) ENGL and Ibanez Endorser,Claudio De Franceschi (Bermudas & The Radiostars),Ozzy Verdenik (Lizard Kings) and many many other Great musicians that I’ve performed with over the years.

 Thank you all for the music we have shared.

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