"I hope you enjoy all the features installed on this brand new website.

You can find out everything there is to know about Me and my musical career and endeavours.

You can listen to Music samples, Watch Videos , find out more about the current projects I´m performing with , Download albums or buy merchandise.

 You can contact me for Session work , Private Drum-lessons and information about drumming in general."


Blackhole is working on original songs which we will start performing at our shows.

Missed your chance to buy the CD at the show not to worry!!! 

You can download your copy of the blackhole cover CD´s from the merchandise section on this website.

The single stroke roll is the first rudiment we start to practice.

A single stroke is very self explanatory we play R / L hitting one time alternating hands.

If we play R L R L R L R L  and so on we get a single stroke roll.

remember we are in 4/4 measure. so groupings of...

Let´s start with my favourite drum rudiment.

The paradiddle is one of the most used rudiments in my playing on a daily basis.

It gives me the ability to freely move around the kit and to get some pretty awesome drumbeats going.

Let me explain how to get this one mastered...

Well we have all been there before!!!

Time to switch between bands and then you get handed over a kit from the venue thats just completely battered and ready for a junk yard.

Let´s go over some easy very fast and effective ways to get sound out of a kit in under 10 minut...

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